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The shop by size range feature allows you to sort collections by size according to the following size ranges:


Big: 2XL to 6XL Extra Big: 7XL+
Tall: ST to 6XT Extra Tall: 7XT+
Regular: SM to XL
Big: 46-60 Extra Big: 62+
Tall: 34-36 inseam Extra Tall: 37+ inseam
Regular: 30-44 waist28-32 inseam
Big: 12-15 Extra Big: 16-20


** Note: Products may not contain all sizes in size range

Port Authority Cuffed Colorblock Beanie

Port Authority Cuffed Colorblock Beanie

One Size Fits Most


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Big and Tall Mart’s outerwear includes a huge selection of jackets, formal wear, and work clothes. Choose from lightweight or lined jackets and parkas to fit all the big guy’s outdoor needs in popular brands. Port Authority lined jackets from denim baseball to camouflage and safety Challenger styles. Tri Mountain brand has ANSI compliant reflective jackets from small to 6XL and LT to 6XT sizes. Bomber jackets and parkas from United Pioneer offer fashion and warmth. All of your rugged big men’s work clothing needs are covered with our Dickies’ lined ANSI fleece hoodie or canvas duck jacket, cotton and twill coveralls, bibs in sizes up to 60 in denim or insulated up to 5XL and tall, along with Dickie famous work pants in sizes 30 to 72, tees, and work shirts.