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The shop by size range feature allows you to sort collections by size according to the following size ranges:


Big: 2XL to 6XL Extra Big: 7XL+
Tall: ST to 6XT Extra Tall: 7XT+
Regular: SM to XL
Big: 46-60 Extra Big: 62+
Tall: 34-36 inseam Extra Tall: 37+ inseam
Regular: 30-44 waist28-32 inseam
Big: 12-15 Extra Big: 16-20


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Why choose BTM shirts?

As more of the population grows taller and larger, there is a growing need for clothing that fits their body type. For men 5'8" or shorter, the choices were limited to traditionally sized shirts, small, medium, and large. These sizes do not account for men of athletic builds with large upper bodies and longer arms. As a result, many men find themselves buying children's or women sized shirts to get the extra arm length and torso length they need. But at BTM, we have an exclusive collection of big and tall shirts for men. Not just that, you will find top-notch material and excellent styling products.

Guide To your Perfect match:

We know that buying online can be a hit and miss, which is why we have created this guide on what to look for when purchasing your shirt.

  • Material: At BTM, we take pride in providing the best to our customers. The material used in our shirt collection will surprise you, as we choose from different material weights to suit every occasion. Additionally, our collections are also washed and pre-shrunk, i.e., for extra comfort. The colorfast in these shirts will ensure the shirt stays durable and looks good on you for years. 

  • Shoulder Width: If you have a wider frame, you might need more shoulder space. This measurement comes in handy if you have a muscular structure, as your shoulders are naturally broader than average. If this doesn't apply to you, go true to size or even one size down if you want your fit to be extra snug.

  • Sleeve Length: The general rule is to go with what you usually wear in regular shirts. However, it could be the case that you might require some additional sleeve length if your arms are extended.

  • Do you have shirts for every occasion? 

    Of course, that's the best part about BTM. You will find a range of collections that match every occasion, season, and style. 

  • Formal shirts: If you are looking for stylish t-shirts, turtlenecks, or long sleeve big and tall shirts for men, then you are at the right place. With our vast range of formal collections, there is no way anyone can beat your look. We have selectively added shirts from size 2XL to 8XL, and length LT to 6XT, for big and tall guys. These shirts are of the best material with adjustable cuffs. 

  • Casual shirts: We feature many short-sleeve t-shirts, making them a good choice for individuals who want to wear casual shirts during warmer seasons. The cotton and polyester blend of the shirts provide the perfect combination of softness and durability. So you can wear them without any hesitation! 

  • Sportswear: We offer a wide range of polo shirts, great for other casual activities such as sports events or other occasions. With these designs, you will indeed have the upper hand among the others.

  • Denim Shirts:  At BTM, we have the upper hand; we offer you a collection of casual and relaxed denim shirts for those who love to dress up in the most incredible way possible. We have kept our collection wide and varied so that you can find your best match and look. We offer various colors like red, white, black, and neutral shades like blue, beige, and green. The buttons on the shirts are of wood, steel, or plastic. You can find a massive collection of such shirts from 2XL to 8XL and length LT to 6XT.

  • Tank Tops: Our ready-made extra-large tank tops for men are available in various colors, designs, and patterns. These are available from size 2XL to 10XL and 2XT to 6XT.

  • Hoodies and Vests: Hoodies and vests are a great way to keep yourself warm during the cold weather. We hold a vast collection of hoodies and vests from some reputed brands, which can be found from size SM to 6XL and from length LT To 6XT, depending upon your choice.