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Falcon Bay Long Sleeve Heavy Plaid Flannel Shirt With Pocket

Falcon Bay Long Sleeve Heavy Plaid Flannel Shirt With Pocket

Sizes 3XL to 6XL, 3XT,4XT

$39.95 - $43.95

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An effortless everyday style calls for a casual shirt. Grab your Big and Tall casual shirts and get ready without striving much. A simple, elegant, chic shirt paired with fitted jeans or trousers is enough to pull off any event or occasion. The colors and designs are awe-inspiring and irresistible. The cuffs in long sleeve shirts are either buttoned to adjust or are barrel cuffs. These shirts are woven with pure cotton to make them eco-friendly, comfortable, and breathable. The shirts are applicable for hand wash and machine wash as well.

Our range of shirts thrives to various kinds. 

A flannel shirt is another variety that induces either pure cotton or 50% cotton and 50% polyester fabric. These are mostly long sleeves and button-down shirts with unique designs and contrasting buttons. Some of them are double chest-pocket which imitates more of a cowboy or retro style. These are easy to style with fitted jeans, and you can always layer them up according to your preferences.

Windshirt is another particular type, primarily for winter as it prevents the wind and water. The polyester fabric does not allow it to soak in water while it keeps you warm.