About Us

We sell "big guys" clothing...at little prices.

Big and Tall Mart is a different kind of online retail store for the big and tall man. What's different about it? We sell big and tall guy clothing at discount prices. That's right. Discount prices. No more paying extra simply because you wear extra large sizes.


How come Big and Tall Mart can do it and the other guys don't?

We feel that just because your sizes are hard to find doesn't mean you have to be overcharged for them. Big and Tall Mart was founded in 1999 and the founders have been in the clothing business for over 35 years specializing in hard-to-find sizes and work clothing. We know our business and we know how to find quality merchandise at the right price. And we don't have stores with rent, utilities or retail clerks to pay. The other guys do. And if they don't, we have no idea why they don't pass on these savings to their customers. 


What about quality and style?...It's guaranteed.

We are constantly searching for more items and styles in hard to find sizes. We handle only 1st quality merchandise of name brand or high quality private label. And we fully back every garment we sell. If for any reason you're unhappy with your purchase, contact us and we will be glad to exchange it or give you a refund.


And another thing....

Although everybody likes a bargain, we have had a large demand for a line of products in big and tall sizes that are not just your basic styles. They are all special order and cost a little more than the other products we carry but are well worth it.  From jackets to knit shirts to sweats and woven shirts we are sure you will love these products. Look for the items marked "TRI MOUNTAIN".  


Thanks for shopping at Big and Tall Mart.

If you have any questions or some merchandise you'd like to see us add...please e-mail us at info@bigandtallmart.com or call us at 800-279-7017.  We prefer e-mail as the main means of communication.