Flat Rate Shipping
When selecting Flat Rate Shipping your order may take additional time to ship and may also have longer transit times depending on how it ships. In most cases it will ship out within 2 days and go Priority Mail with the exception of smaller one piece orders which may ship first class. You can contact us for an estimate of time for your order. 

Standard Ground Service (Continental US)
Your order may ship via Priority Mail, UPS Ground or Fed-Ex 3 Day Ground (our choosing) depending on the items ordered and the destination location.  Your order may ship in multiple packages depending on the items ordered.  You can expect your order to ship within 1-5 days, again depending on items ordered. You can contact us for a better estimate of time. 

* Please check your shipping address carefully. Any order returned for an incorrect address will be charged for the actual amount we paid to reship the box which will exceed the charge listed on the invoice. Also any changes made on your order after it has been placed may result in a 15% or $15 service charge (whichever is greater) depending on the item(s) ordered.

Shipping charges are as follows:
First Class is always USPS
FLAT RATE SHIPPING may be USPS First Class, USPS Priority Mail, UPS or Fedex - our choice depending on the items and total order size. One piece orders like printed tee shirts may ship First Class so selecting ground will insure they will ship USPS Priority Mail instead.  You can still select ground shipping (greyed out areas) for larger orders but it will not insure faster delivery as they will always ship USPS Priority, UPS or FedEx. 

East Coast (Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia) 
up to $35 – $7.00 (Ground)
$35.01 - $65 – $8.50 (Ground)
$65.01 - $100 – $9.50 (Ground)
$100.01 - $150 – $12.00 (Ground)
$150.01 - $200 - $13.50 (Ground)
$200.01 & up - $15.50 (Ground)

Mid West & APO’s (AA, AE, Alabama, AP, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin)
up to $35 – $8.50 (Ground)
$35.01 - $65 – $9.50 (Ground)
$65.01 - $100 – $10.75 (Ground)
$100.01 - $150 – $12.75 (Ground)
$150.01 - $200 - $14.25 (Ground)
$200.01 & up - $16.50 (Ground)

West Coast (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming)
up to $25 – $8.95 (Ground)
$25.01 - $50 – $9.95 (Ground)
$50.01 - $75 – $11.50 (Ground)
$75.01 - $100 – $12.75 (Ground)
$100.01 - $150 – $14.25 (Ground)
$100.01 - $150 – $15.75 (Ground)

$200.01 & up - $18.95 (Ground)

Alaska (USPS Priority only)
up to $75 – $13.95
$75 - $124.99 – $21.95
$125 - $199.99 – $31.95
$200 & up - $41.95

Puerto Rico (USPS Priority only)
$0 - $35 – $9.00
$35.01 - $65 – $10.00

$65.01 - $100 – $12.25
$100.01 - $150 – $16.25
$150.01 – $200 - $18.25
$200.01 & up – $27.00

Hawaii (USPS Priority only)
up to $75 – $11.95
$75 - $124.99 – $19.95
$125 - $199.99 – $29.95
$200 & up - $39.95

International Shipments: 
Bigandtallmart ships only international orders outside the US over $25 (CANADA) and over $50 to other countries. Bigandtallmart does not ship to all parts of the world. Buyer is responsible for all returns regardless of source of error. Please note that shipping charges vary greatly depending on the weight of the order and country destination so the charges below are just an estimate. Should they be lower we will refund any differences. Also, we will declare the shipment as a gift at actual cost for insurance purposes so any duties incurred at the receiving end are the responsibility of the buyer.  Bigandtallmart claims responsibility for the shipment up until it clears customs in the buyer's country.  At that point, it is the responsibility of the receiving postal system to deliver the package. 

CANADA (USPS Priority only)
$25.00-$49.99 - $34 
$50.00-$74.99 - $46 
$75.00-$99.99 - $50
$100-$199.99 - $54
$200-$299.99 - $62
$300-$399.99 - $84
$400-$500 - $110

$50.00-$100 - $64
$100.01-$150 - $84
$150.01-$200 - $90
$200.01-$250 - $100
$250.01-$300 - $120
$300.01-$350 - $135
$350.01-$400 - $145
$400.01-$500 - $170

$50.00-$100 - $54
$100.01-$150 - $74
$150.01-$200 - $79
$200.01-$250 - $89
$250.01-$300 - $105
$300.01-$350 - $120
$350.01-$400 - $130
$400.01-$450 - $135
$450.01-$500 - $145

SORRY, but we do not offer Overnight and 2 Day Shipping at additional charges for the following reasons: 
*Many items ship out from different locations and the costs to send items from multiple locations with an expedited service are prohibitive. *Many of our drop ship vendors do not offer expedited shipping. *There are times when we need to order in one or more items to complete an order and therefore cannot ship expedited. *Some items such as printed tees take additional preparation time. *Many items are special order and therefore cannot ship expedited until they arrive which can be anywhere from 3 to 20 additional days. *Also, if an item arrives via expedited service but does not fit or needs to be returned for any other reason, the customer is more unhappy having paid expedited shipping and we try to ensure that our customers have a pleasant shopping experience with Bigandtallmart... Thank you.

Sales Tax: There is no sales tax in PA on clothing

Drop Shipping: We do ship orders to other locations than the billing address however we may request proof of card ownership with a copy of both the credit card and valid driver's license.  In that event, you can email or fax this information once your order is placed.  We also require a valid phone number and email address.  Failure to provide this information may result in cancellation of your drop shipped order.

Tracking:  You will receive automated tracking updates from our system when your order, or parts of your order, are shipped as well as delivered. Please check your email and SPAM folders for the updates and follow the shipment through to delivery. Notify us right away of any issues in this process.


Checks: We accept certified checks and money orders for immediate shipment. Sorry, no personal checks accepted.

Invoices: A copy of your invoice will be sent with your order with the exception of drop shipped orders. These will contain a packing list without pricing and an invoice will be emailed to you. You may be contacted to verify card and address information on a drop-shipped order. Your invoice can always be found online and printed at your convenience. Should you desire a hard copy of your invoice we will be happy to mail one at your request.

Orders: Bigandtallmart ships most orders from our main location with the exception of most Tri-Mountain, Blue Generation, Grand River and some Port & co products which may be shipped directly from the vendor to you. Sorry but some of these vendors cannot ship via USPS. We will contact you if that is the case. In the event that we are out of a product or do not have the full amount of an item in stock, you will be contacted to see if an alternate will be acceptable. We may also have to purchase additional stock to fill your order resulting in a delay of shipment. These additional delays usually do not exceed 10 working days. Sorry, but we do not hold back-orders. Should you desire us to ship in-stock items ahead and the balance of any back-ordered items when they are re-stocked, a $5.95 charge for the second shipment will apply.

Claims for Non-delivered Packages: Our shipping companies work hard to ensure your package is delivered however there are times when a package just might not arrive due to a number of reasons. In this case, you will need to contact us regarding the non-delivery so we can put a claim in with the delivery source be it USPS, UPS or Fed-ex.  ALL CLAIMS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF SHIPMENT otherwise we cannot guarantee a full or even partial refund.  Late claims are hard to track and in most cases, we cannot get reimbursed for the lost package so please help us out and let us know if you have not received your package once you have received a tracking number from us.

Thank you!